Our firm specializes in managing single family rental homes.
We also manage multifamily units up to 99 unit apartment complexes.

Services we offer for each unit include:

1. Do detail inspection of unit on take over, tenant turn over, and annual inspections.

2. Effect repairs, decorating, and cleaning to prepare unit for rental.

3. Renting units via advertising in the newspaper, on the internet, on our website and with rent signs. The renting process includes verification of employment, rental history, and credit references and selected criminal history check. On approval of application, we then require incoming tenant within 24 hours to pay security deposit in form of cashiers check and sign lease. When tenant comes in to get keys for move in, the tenant must pay a full months rent by cashiers check with any overpayment of rent over prorate amount to come off second months rent. Future rent payments by regular check is acceptable.

4. Daily:

A. Servicing rental units to include the collection of rent and other monies owed to include issuance of Unlawful Detainer by midmonth.

B. Handling maintenance by our in house maintenance men and or by outside contractors as appropriate and as prespecified by landlord.

5. Periodically:

Inspection of every new account or vacancy with a written detailed report to the lessee and landlord. Estimate figures will be for what needs to be done for re rental and what dollar amount will be deducted from ex tenant deposit for damages. When appropriate, recommendations will be given for larger expense items that need to be scheduled such as convert to heat pump systems, exterior paint and other.

6. Annual inspections of all properties as to smoke detector (change batteries and verify it works and is not over ten years old), check for use of extensions cords, leaks under sinks, unauthorized use of fireplaces or unauthorized pets or improper storage items under house and other.

7. Annually make recommendations to landlord as to appropriate insurance coverages and costs.

8. Annually make recommendations to landlord as to recommend rental increase and as lease cycle changes. We strive to ensure all leases terms end in middle six months or year to facilitate faster rerental or sale in better time of year to boost a larger pool of potential renters or purchasers.

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