Thank you for visiting this rental information system.

I. To See Properties:

A. Call our office for information on use of combination lock on a vacant house. OR

B. Come to our office between 9:00am-4:00pm to check out a key ($20.00 cash key deposit, plus picture id) OR

C. Visit rental property of choice during their normal open for inspection time. Under Rental Services see specific times and places under Rental Listings OR

D. Arrange for an individual showing with us.


II. To Apply For Rental Unit

A. After seeing property, fill out application and pay a $20.00 fee per adult that will be living in unit

1. The primary items considered are:

A. All blanks on application are filled out with truthful information and includes correct phone numbers.

B. Consistency in paying rent on time.

C. Consistency in staying at past rental units for extended periods of two years or more at a time with logical reason for moving from each past location.

D. Consistency of past, current, and future income and doing same type of work.

E. Credit bureau report. Note: We discount multiple small amount hospital / medical bills if we feel they are not going to cause your pay to be garnished.

F. Selected criminal checks.

2. If above A through F are not up to par then one or more below may cause the applicant to be approved

A. Pays extra one month’s deposit.

B. Provides strong guarantors (preferably mother and father who work garnishable stable jobs and who jointly own a home or other real estate).

C. Pays last months rent in advance.

D. Do some combination of A, B, and C above.


III. To Get Lease

We try to advise you within 1-3 days that you are approved. At that point you (all adults over 18 to live at property) must come in within 24 hours and: 

A. Pay deposit by cashiers check or money order.

B. Sign lease.


IV. To Get Key 

1. If house / unit you are renting is heated by oil you need to set up an account with a reputable oil delivery firm prior to receiving a key.

2. Come in and pay a full months rent by cashiers check or money order (note any rent paid in excess prorata rent due will be applied to second month’s rent.) Future rent payments may be made by check. Sorry, we do not accept cash or third party checks!


V. Condition Of Unit 

On application (item 9), you agree to accept unit as is other than “_______________”

A. Thus what you see before application is what you get, unless you note items required to be done in item #9 blank on subject application.

B. Tenants are strongly urged and requested to have all utilities turned on three days in advance to allow utility systems to be pre checked out to avoid inconveniences such as a lack of heat.  This process will allow our service men to take care of any unexpected repairs prior to tenant move in.



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